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Amazonian Magic Mushroom is a potent super strain in the psychonaut community! Naturally, Amazon cubensis are found in extremely large flushes. Also, Amazonian mushrooms have an authentic psychedelic experience. This is because they are in an abundance of nature, in the centre of the heart for the earth.

The Indigenous people of the Amazon has been using this variety for thousands of years for cultural enlightenment. It is a great variety for spiritual growth. Esteemed for its entheogenic properties.


One of the more popular, yet harder to find strains. Originally, the Amazonian mushroom got it’s name obviously from the Amazon jungle in Brazil.

Amazonian Magic Mushrooms Potency

It is an exceptional strain if you are searching for an intense visual journey with your mates. Taking 1g to 3 g of this powerful magic mushroom can really take you a long way.

Effects of Amazonian Magic Mushrooms

Degeneration of worry and fear as it offers a clean and authentic psychedelics experience, leading to a high spiritual growth. Amazonian Magic Mushrooms is a perfect choice for great cerebral experience. It as well as lightens up a person’s mood. The shroom mixes sound with visuals, songs with shapes and visions, as well as produces intense hallucinations. This is for moderate trippers.


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