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Buy King Oyster Mushrooms in UK

UK Mushrooms Store is the best and most recognized online store in the UK to buy King Oyster Mushrooms for sale online in the UK. King Oyster mushrooms are renowned for their thick stem that fits its ‘king’ name by being the largest in its family. Being very similar in taste to the Blue Oyster mushroom, this mushroom has an even meatier texture. Due to their dense body, they are able to maintain a succulent texture when cooked.

All of our mushrooms are grown on natural, wood-based substrates with no chemicals being used. We harvest our mushrooms at the optimum stage to ensure a long shelf life and the best possible taste.

We aim to have all our fresh mushrooms ready to dispatch whenever there is an order, but because it is a growing fungi sometimes dispatch may take longer. We will get in touch if this is the case.

Preparation Instructions

Wash before use. Remove all packaging. These mushrooms work well in stir-fries, pastas and risottos. People also enjoy grilling these mushrooms. In addition, we do highly recommend to try sautéing these mushrooms in a pan with some salt and oil to distinguish their true taste.

In order to get them preserved, keep refrigerated. Check use by date on label.

We also recommend consumption as soon as possible for the best taste. Feel safe and secured to mail order or buy king osyter mushrooms in the UK for sale online.




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