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TrichEVICT is the world’s first Mushroom Growth Promoter (MGP) that increases yields while simultaneously decreasing the negative effects of Green Mold Disease (Trichoderma) and Bacterial Blotch (Pseudomonas tolaasii) on mushroom production. Packed full of Bacillus micro-organisms, this blend ensures your substrate is optimally positioned to produce beautiful fruiting while extending the life of your substrate. Each 10 g bag treats 200 lbs of substrate/spawn mix. Expect yields to be bumped 30-50% reliably when using TrichEVICT and to be up to 4 days earlier to pin. You will see less aborts, larger, heavier harvests and healthier, happier mushrooms – all through use of our organically based powder that contains no synthetic fertilizer elements.

TrichEVICT is a great choice for those who have moderately frequent contamination issues. The Bacillus micro-organism that protects from Trichoderma incursion, does so through a bio-film that takes around 8 days to fully form. It is important, therefore, that this treatment be utilized first when “spawning to bulk.” Buy your own mushroom growth promoter online in the UK.

Directions for use: Add 2 grams of trichEVICT to a 1L sprayer bottle and spray your spawn (the mycelium) when spawning to bulk. 10-20 ml per 10 lbs of substrate/spawn will produce excellent results. Once mixed store yout spray bottle in a cool area out of direct sunlight and use the contents within 6 months. You should always use PPE when handling this product.

Alternative dry use: To use dry, add 1G to the substrate and mix in.

Also, you should try using Dr. MYC Mushroom Growth Promoter (MGP).


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